Bores - Rataj - Trojan Trio

Ivan BOREŠ - acoustic / electric guitar

Michal RATAJ - live electronics, cymbal

Jan TROJAN - amplified metal sheet, live electronics



ECHOFLUXX '21 // CD LAUNCH  November 3, 2021

OFFSCREEN TRIO pokřtí konečně CD album z jara letošního roku a to v rámci letošního ročníku Echofluxx Festivalu v Paralelní Polis // OFFSCREEN TRIO will finally launch a CD album from the spring of this year as part of the Echofluxx 21 Festival in Parallel Polis





This release has emerged from a decade-long artistic collaboration that attempts, with this release, to make its creative conclusion. It has been inspired by the concert that was streamed at the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2020, which was awarded the 14th Tais Awards & Harvest Prize 2021.

All artists graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. After some time, they started to come together again as artists with a wide variety of creative experiences.
Ivan Boreš studied classical guitar with Štěpán Rak, and has also directed all kinds of experimental guitar performances and virtuosic metal music performances.

Michal Rataj graduated from musicology and composition programs led by Ivan Kurz and Milan Slavický. Thanks to his interest in electronic music, he became engaged in radio and film based sound design and composition and has been discovering their relationships to classical chamber and orchestral music, as well as the contemporary improv-scene.

Jan Trojan graduated from the same composition programs, his main focus being acoustic ecology within a frame of contemporary sound art. This path took him slowly into all kinds of hardware hacking, recycling and connecting the unconnectable.

The TRIO emerges from an intersection of instrumental virtuosity, sound imagination and music instrument design and it showcases a mutual emotional interaction within both composition and improvisation.


Big thanks to Oliver LOWE's company and remix ... what a creative friendship!





Label: Michal Rataj (p) 2021, MR21-002